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Thermocouple wire and strip

M/S NATIONAL ENTERPRISE is the sole distributor for,
KANTHAL THERMOCOUPLE WIRE from last 7 years for all over INDIA.

Thermocouple wire and thermocouple strip for use at temperatures up to 1260C (2300F).
Kanthal thermocouple wire is supplied with bright or oxidized surface according to standard or special EMF requirements.

Each individual arm is calibrated against platinum and the EMF values are shown on each coil or spool.

The Kanthal product program for thermocouples includes:

  • Thermocouple wire
  • Thermocouple strip
  • Extension leads/extension cables
  • Compensating cables
  • Thermocouple protection tubes

Types of thermocouple wire
Code +Positive leg -Negative leg
N Nicrosil (NP) Nisil (NN)
K Thermothal P (KP) Thermothal N (KN)
E Thermothal P (EP) Cuprothal (EN)
J Iron (JP) Cuprothal (JN)
T Copper* Cuprothal (TN)
The most used thermocouple combinations

Size range
Wire : : Kanthal thermocouple wire ranges from 0.05 to 8.0 mm (0.0019 to 0.315 inch). Wire in the size range 0.05 to 8.0 mm (0.0019 to 0.315 inch) can be supplied with or without an insulating coating. (PVC/PVC)(TEFLON/TEFLON)(ASBESTOS/ASBESTOS)