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Molybdenum wire/sheet and strips

The name molybdenum comes from Ancient greek, molybdos. The silvery metal has the sixth highest melting point of all metals.

Molybdenumís ability to resist high temperatures without expanding or softening makes it useful in high pressure and high temperature applications.

The material is also used in steel alloy for its high corrosion resistance and weld ability. Sometimes molybdenum is used instead of tungsten due to its lower density.

Examples of applications; Antennas, Electronic tubes, Spark erosion, Lightning and Mesh.

We are offering a qualitative range of molybdenum wires which are at par with the industry quality standards. Manufactured as per client's specifications and requirements, we make sure that all the demands of the clients are met with. Our molybdenum wires have the properties:

  • High melting point
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal expansion
At high temperature, they can resist oxidation and have high strength without any distortion during the procession, etc. The wires are used for heating materials like supports, leads or girds in high temperature vacuum or protective atmosphere furnace.

Molybdenum Sheet or Strip

Our molybdenum sheets are manufactured from supreme quality raw materials and are designed as per client's specifications. Offered at industry leading prices, these sheets are well packed and taken care off during their transit. Other than sheets, we offer molybdenum rods for redrawing wires for cutting, lighting, heating, mandrel or smelting rare-earth metals, and as guide rods, components in electronic vacuum devices, electrodes. Our the molybdenum sheets are wildly used for making:

  • Heat sinks
  • Baffle boards
  • Boats for evaporation plating
1) 25 mm (Width) X 0.2 mm(Thickness) X 900mm ( Length )
Weight : 130 gm / Strip

2) 100 mm (Width) X 0.125 mm(Thickness) X 1000mm ( Length )
Weight : 50 gm /Strip