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Manganina Wire and Rods

Manganina is a copper-manganese-nickel alloy (CuMnNi alloy) with very low thermal electromotive force (emf) compared to copper. The components, in which Manganina is used, is normally operating at room temperature.

Manganina is used for the manufacturing of resistance standards, precision wire wound resistors, potentiometers, shunts and other electrical and electronic components.

The alloy's low emf vs. copper makes it ideal for use in electrical circuits, especially D.C., where a spurious thermal emf could cause malfunctioning of electronic equipment. Due to the low operating temperature, the temperature coefficient of resistance is controlled to be low over a range of 15C to 35C.

Chemical composition

Nominal composition

Ni % Mn % Cu %
4.0 11.0 Bal.

Melting point C 1020
Max continuous operating temperature in air C Room temperature
Magnetic properties The material is non-magnetic